Em Toomer

Property Manager & Marketing

Em is a seasoned expert in Property Management and Real Estate, bringing years of invaluable experience to our team. However, her journey doesn't stop there. In her quest for knowledge, Em has embraced new and thrilling opportunities. She now spearheads our marketing department as our Holiday Manager, overseeing our social media presence, website maintenance, and creating our marketing strategies.


Tim McLoughlin

Managing Director

In an industry where dedication and authenticity set professionals apart, Tim's unwavering commitment to client and staff satisfaction is a defining feature. His approach goes beyond transactions; it encompasses a genuine desire to facilitate positive and transformative experiences. With the assistance of the team at South Coast Realty, he continues to shape the industry through his unwavering pursuit of professionalism, client satisfaction, and success.


Manon Maley

Finance & HR Manager

Meet Manon, our dedicated Finance and HR Manager, with a solid background in finance. Originally from Canada, Manon brings valuable international expertise to the team at South Coast Realty. With a commitment to customer service excellence, she looks forward to cultivating strong relationships with our stakeholders.


Isabella Maclay-Ross

Reception & Holiday Assistant

Isabella is the warm and welcoming face of South Coast Realty, serving as the frontline receptionist. With a genuine passion for the real estate industry, Isabella's enthusiasm shines through in her interactions with customers.

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